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American Songster
Doc Woody with Banjo
Doc Woody is committed to helping all people experience the joy that comes from singing or playing favorite songs. The arguments that “I can’t sing” and “I could never learn to play an instrument” are rejected.

There is reason to believe that every person can sing a song and learn to play music. The performance may not be adequate for the Metropolitan Opera or the Grand Ole Opry, but it is fine for sharing enriching experiences with others and reaping self-satisfaction. Doc Woody is a strong advocate of sing-alongs when folks get together.

The focus of a Doc Woody concert is on American songs that offer insight into society and human behavior. Beyond a “feel good” experience, singing favorite tunes can open the door to learning about history, relationships, personal emotions, and a host of other worthy ideas. Consequently, his concerts and storytelling are appropriate for audiences of all ages and are both entertaining and educational.

Doc Woody was born in the Sequatchie Valley, near the Alabama-Tennessee border. His Southern rural roots give him a special connection to American music. He is schooled in musicology and music education, and can perform classical, jazz, popular, folk, and country music.

While earning a Bachelor of Music degree from Western Michigan University, Professor Elwyn Carter (then Chair of the Music Department) encouraged Doc Woody to capitalize on his Southern cultural history. Several professors featured him as a performer with University ensembles.

After being “on the road” and playing in a myriad of dancehalls and honky-tonks (often with Dixieland and country bands), Doc Woody left the smoke-filled bars and turned his interests and talents to higher education. He holds doctorates from Michigan State University and the University of Pittsburgh, and a law degree from Creighton University. He has also studied at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama (trumpet) in London and the Vanderbilt-Blair School of Music (mandolin and tuba) in Nashville.

Besides being a musician, Doc Woody is a professor, psychologist, and attorney. He has authored numerous publications about various musical topics.

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